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Books I’d Recommend

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I make exensive use of GoodReads (please feel free to follow me there), but I can’t really find any way to flag specific series of books as things I’d endorse as good books, so here are some of the series that I’d recommend:

  • The Frontiers Saga – Part 1, Part 2 (still in progress), Prequels (still in progress?) Good if you don’t mind buying each chapter separately. After a “digital plague” that killed most of the humans on Earth, and left us in a Dark Age of over 1000 years, Humans of Earth are starting to recover and re-establish ourselves in space. At which point, we’re now being attacked by the “Jung” – one of the more aggressive factions who fled Earth at the start of the plague. Earth has managed to open “The Ark” – a collection of all the technological advanced we’d made before the plague and use some of that knoweldge to build a new technology – “Jump Drives”. During the first test of the Jump Drive on a “Real” ship, the test is sabotaged, and the ship jumps hundreds of light years, across the galaxy only to find another ex-colony in the midsts of a war. Can they make their way back, and recruit some allies on the way? (Yes, yes they can. And it’s a great romp… and still on-going. The first saga is 15 books long, the second is currently at 10, and there are currently 4 prequels, but I expect lots more to follow)
  • Jumper Classic teleportation story. The first half of the first book was made into the first half of a passable film, but they then rewrote the rest of it. The books are much better (although the end of the last one is a bit meh)
  • Nexus Mind linking drugs – pretty tight story too.
  • The Rho Agenda, Sequel and Prequel Two spaceships are discovered on Earth. Scientists can’t figure out how to get into the first, but kids get into the second, “bond” with the ship, and stop the invasion of Earth by the species who lost the first one. Ably assisted later on by an Ex-CIA Assassin who has a touch of pre-cognition (due to… well, something from the Prequels) and his girlfriend (also an assassin).
  • Sandman Slim Not so much Sci-Fi. This is a magician who’s sent to hell before he died, and then fights his way back. Later on there’s lots of interactions with the Devil (who, in later books, he becomes for “reasons”), God (or rather, fragments of God) and the denizens of both realms.
  • The Bridge Chronicles Great Cyberpunk stories about an amoral fixer. The full three-book series is available as a single ebook.
  • The Lost Fleet SHIPS IN SPACE! The fate of the last of Earth’s fleet of ships rests in the hands of the legendary “Black Jack” – a captain who was recovered from his rescue pod one hundred years after his “last stand” was made famous for the deaths of all his crew but his destruction of the attacking fleet. Can he bring the fleet home… and at what cost?
  • Spinward Fringe We follow a bounty hunter who lost his memory as he tries to find his past, and rescue most of humanity in the process.
  • Samuil Petrovitch More Cyberpunk :) There was a nuclear explosion in Russia, wiping out most of the cities in Europe. Samuil lives in London, and just tries to survive, until he stops a kidnapping attempt in progress of one of the daughter of one of the most dangerous men in London. At the same time, AI is starting to rise up, and, well, Samuil ends up being one of the few people who’s able to negotiate with them.
  • A Galaxy Unknown Another “Rescued from her life capsule” book, this sees the last survivor of a ship grinding her way up through the ranks and taking on the invading forces from (eventually several) enemies. There’s lots of space battles and miraculous wins. Quite a good romp :D
  • Indexing Indexing is the modern day police procedural where the narative in Fairy Tails bleed into our current world, where girls with pale skin, blood red lips and dark hair can enchant the birds from the trees just by singing, and sewing or spinning needles can cause you to fall asleep. Really enjoyable but only a couple of books.
  • Rachel Peng (part of the wider “A Girl And Her Fed” webcomic universe, along with Hope Blackwell book 1, book 2 and Josh Glassman book 1) 500 elite members of various government branches were recruited into “The Program” several years ago, where they received a chip in their heads and drastic personality rewrites to make them compliant, with the aim being a force of staff that could be taken over and used for corporate greed. Fortunately, in the AGAHF webcomic one of those program members was able to break his personality reprogramming and managed to stop the program. They formed a new government department called OACET, and now loan their staff (nowhere near the 500 members are left due to how drastic the reprogramming was) to other departments. Rachel Peng is one of those people, and she’s loaned to the LAPD. Rachel can use her chip, not just to join the OACET hive-mind, but also to control technology and, as a side line, to help her see. These books and the Josh books are fantastic, and you don’t need to have read the comics to make sense of the books. I wasn’t that taken with the Hope Blackwell books, but… eh, they’re OK I guess :)
  • Silo (sometimes also referred to as “Wool”) This is a dark, post-apocaliptic story about people who’s whole world is “The Silo”. There are cameras reminding the people inside the silo about how bad the world is outside, but if you resist the law of the silo, you’re sent outside, and the last thing you need to do is to clean the lenses on the cameras before you die. It’s a really really good series and very powerful.
  • Lens of Time Imagine being able to see what happened in the past. All you need to do is to see the light from that far away… But, of course, we don’t have faster than light drives, so to travel that far, we’d have already seen the event happen before we got there… Except, someone’s built a faster than light drive, so now we can! Huzzah. Turns out there’s something coming, and we need to travel 65000 light years away to find out what it is, as it’s been here before! Lots of suspension of disbelief needed here, but, it’s a great series and really enjoyable.
  • Hail DRONE! Vigilante drones that kill! After a 9/11 style event, billionaire energy tycoon recruits kids to kill those who caused the attack.
  • Magic 2.0 (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5) Reality has a bit of a glitch in it – there’s a file you can find in computer systems that let you make changes to reality, including having money appear, being able to fly, travel in time and teleport. What do you naturally do? TRAVEL BACK TO BE MERLIN (or find Atlantis)…. same as everyone else who found the file… D’oh! The earlier books are better than the later ones, but… it’s a good concept.

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