What am I doing Now?

Currently I am:

Inside work

  • Writing Terraform to deliver infrastructure into AWS and OVH.
  • Writing Puppet to manage the operating systems of and applications installed on virtual machines.
  • Writing Helm Charts to deploy applications and services on Kubernetes Clusters.
  • Documenting the oral history of the team.

Outside work

  • Podcasting (intermittently) for the AdminAdminPodcast.co.uk.
  • Reading… a lot!
  • Playing Pokemon Go.
  • Chauffering my children around.
  • Playing with virtual machines in Proxmox.
  • Playing boardgames.
  • Toying with network segmentation using OpenWRT and VLANs.
  • Investigating home automation with Home Assistant.

This page is inspired by nownownow.com and was last updated on 2023-07-11