"Spam grafico 2" by "Paolo Attivissimo" on Flickr

Requests to host spam content

Inspired by Mr Troy Hunt‘s post “No, I won’t link to your spammy article“, you’ll almost only have been directed to this page from a link I sent you. The email would have been a reply to one you sent to me saying something like:

I read your article on <random post of mine> and noticed you mentioned <some keyword>. I have an article on <some parallel keyword> and wondered if you’d add it to your post

– Some random spammer

I will not be adding this content to my blog. You see, you’re spamming me, and by extension, you’d be spamming my readers. You probably think this content isn’t spam. You’re a promoter not a spammer! Well, it’s unsolicited advertising content, so… as far as I’m concerned, yep, it’s spam.

To combat this, I’m following Troy’s lead. Every time I receive spam like this, I’ll be adding a link to top of the list below, and it will have the title of the resource you wanted me to link to, but with no link. I’ll also be tweeting a link to this page with the title of your page each time it happens.

The Spam List

  1. The Best Smart Home Gadgets For TV Lovers

Featured image is “Spam grafico 2” by “Paolo Attivissimo” on Flickr and is released under a CC-BY license.