What I Did Last Week (ending 2012-01-08)

Inspired by Dan Lynch’s “Weekly Rewind” series, I thought I’d try and document some of what’s happened to me over the past week… you never know, I might even be able to keep on doing these! :)

Monday 2nd: Bank Holiday. De-christmasified the house. Earlier than I’d have liked, but it was a compromise, as Jules wanted to strip the house on Boxing Day. Dave Lee from TheBugCast adds the first CCHits.net “extra” show to his feed – Review of the tracks played on the site in 2011. It had been played on the live show on the 30th Dec.

Tuesday 3rd: Back to work, and catching up with collegues about what happened over the break. Trying and failing to compile Festival for CCHits. Called out… but not for anything sensible – just a license request for a customer – told them to get back in touch during the day.

Wednesday 4th: Discussed at length the differences between Access and Excel with my brother. Convinced I had the same discussion in 2004. He wants to start with a ToDo list which he can filter to show customers or management. Once he’s figured that out, I’m going to talk to him about separating data from presentation in a web app with a database backend. Maybe! Bought and read “Boltman” by Eric Quinn Knowles. It’s a little bit like “Kick Ass” vs. Scientology. I rate it 4*’s. Started reading “Under the Amoral Bridge” by Gary A. Ballard which I’d bought in November.

Thursday 5th: Fixed a Morse Code Keyboard for Android for a collegue (unfixed typos in the code for openbracket, and switched equals and hyphen characters) – developer hasn’t fixed issues since March 2010, so I’ve e-mailed the author to offer my patches, and failing that, I’ll consider a fork. Realised I’d fallen very far behind on my Android development suite – aside from anything else, the version of Eclipse I’ve got installed needed updating! I read to the end of “Under the Amoral Bridge” (4*s) and discovered it’s part 1 in a trilogy. Bought the compilation version of the trilogy, so I’m now reading book 2.

Friday 6th: Took down the decorations at work, then gladly handed over “On Call” for another week to a collegue, discovered they were on leave. Queue frantic phone calls and texts to make sure he knew he was on call. At 3:30 get asked if I could cover him for the night as it’s his wife’s 40th birthday. How can I say no? No calls, fortunately! Listen live to TheBugCast. Dave and Caroline have streaming issues and I get a call from my dad claiming his computer has been compromised, as he can’t log into GMail. Prove there’s no issues there, believe that is the end of it… In the aftershow, I mention the code acadamy site, and then explain some of the concepts of Javascript to another of the listeners, which is good :) end up going to bed at 2am.

Saturday 7th: visit from Jules’ uncle’s brother to discuss getting some decorating done. He can start on Monday. Queue full-scale panic as he’s doing both downstairs rooms! All CD’s and DVD’s not in storage, boxed up moved upstairs and unpacked… now need re-organising! All pictures, bottles, games, Daniel’s toys and books now in our bedroom! Argh! Daniel’s first swimming lesson with the new teacher (new term, and the franchise we go to is growing – which is good!) New teacher is nice and the class is still just 3 children and parents. Good stuff. While I’m in the swimming class, I get two emails from my dad. First is a scattergun one, saying “my email has been compromised, if you get a dodgy mail, let me know” and the second is to check whether he has been compromised. As we’re in full-scale panic, I’ve left that particular issue to my brother to deal with. I suspect drinking-related-paranoia is at the core of this. Never mind! We finish the bulk of the moves before Daniel’s bed time, and then Jules’ Mum and Dad come around to babysit so we can enjoy a meal up the road. The restaurant isn’t licensed, so neither of us can drink, and hasn’t got card processing facilities yet. I nip out after I’ve finished to get enough money to pay. We’ll definitely be back there! Early bed, but then I read all the rest of book 2 and most of book 3 of “The Bridge Chronicles”.

Sunday 8th: Earlyish start. Finish moving the last furniture around for the decorating and start to re-wire the entertainment corner, including unpatching the server where the shows are generated for CCHits.net just before the shows are about to be run (stupid UTC offsets!), resulting in two stinking CRON mails from CCHits complaing about the lack of shows (repatched and run). Run Jules to Halfords to pick up her new bike with child seat. Home and one last sprint around the house, then lunch, and out again! Jules to the shops and me to get Daniel to sleep before heading to a friend’s new house for a tour, games and then dinner. Home at 5, Daniel in bed, 6:45 and the furniture we couldn’t shift while he was awake, away for 7:30. Books in bed for 8. I finish “…Chronicles” (5*s) and then at the recommendation of @nybill, start “Daemon” by Daniel Suarez. At 11pm, stop reading (40% through the book) and start writing this review. 11:40 go to sleep!

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