Hacking Flattr support into StatusNet 0.9.5

So, recently I’ve really got into Flattr (from flattr.com) and I wanted to add a flattr icon to my StatusNet instance.

I’m running StatusNet 0.9.5 (hopefully Dreamhost will upgrade us to 1.x soon!) but for now, adding Flattr to that page means adding it to the Site Notice (the box in the top corner).

Now, to make that work, I amended the config table, which limits all the config items to 255 characters. I changed the Value column to “Text” (was Varchar(255)) and then in the admin page, added some random bumpf into the “Site Notice” page (at http://example.com/admin/sitenotice) and then found that same entry in the database (SELECT * FROM `config` WHERE `section` LIKE ‘site’ AND `setting` LIKE ‘notice’). I then amended what I’d written in there before to be the code I got from the “Get Button” page (both <script> and <a> tags from https://flattr.com/submit), and selected “Create Button Manually”.

I then refreshed by StatusNet front page, and tada! I’ve got a Flattr button. Now, if *only* I could get that as a plugin for my site.

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