One to install: Gist (a Ruby Script)

Found this over the past week trying to find somewhere to ship some logs to raise a bug on Vagrant (which I then couldn’t duplicate…. anyway!)

On Ubuntu, make sure you have ruby installed

sudo apt install ruby

Then install the gem package

sudo -H gem install gist

Once this is done, you can then call it like this

YourCommand | gist               # Put the output of your command into a new anonymous gist
YourCommand | gist -f output.log # Name the file you uploaded "output.log"
YourCommand | gist -d 'Your Desc'# Set a description on the gist
gist -p            # Upload to gist, mark it "private"

You can also login, and all the commands above then get put in your gist tree (mine is instead of an anonymous path. To login, do this:

gist --login

If you want to force the fact your gist will be anonymous once you’ve logged in? Do this:

gist -a



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