One to listen to: “Null and Void”

This podcast from Radiolab is intriguing. The first half had me hoping for the underdog, then there’s an interview with a very cross older gentleman, who’s clearly had enough of not having his voice heard…. At which point, I realise what is proposed could “burn it [American Civilisation] all down”… And suddenly I don’t want the underdog to win.

And the reason I think this is “one to listen to” is because of that guy. Basically, if you fight so passionately about something that you’re ready to hurt someone over that thing, you need to take a step back and check it’s the right thing to be fighting for. Chances are, it probably isn’t.

This podcast talks about a concept in US (and probably UK) law called “Jury Nullification”, where even if the law clearly defines some act or inaction to be prohibited, the Jury can express their distaste about that law by deciding “Not Guilty”. If that verdict comes down often enough, it “might” send a message to the law makers that there’s something wrong with that particular law, and perhaps it will be re-written.

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