One to read: “SKIP grep, use AWK” / ”Awk Tutorial, part {1,2,3,4}”

Do you use this pattern in your sh/bash/zsh/etc-sh scripts?

cat somefile | grep 'some string' | awk '{print $2}'

If so, you can replace that as follows:

cat somefile | awk '/some string/ {print $2}'

Or how about this?

grep -v 'something' < somefile | awk '{print $0}'

Try this:

awk '! /something/ {print $0}' < somefile

Ooo OK, how about if you want to get all actions performed by users when the ISO formatted dates (Y-m-d) match the first day of the month, but where you don’t want to also match January (unless you’re talking about the first of January)…

# echo 'BLOGGSF 2001-01-23 SOME_ACTION' | awk '$2 ~ /-01$/ {print $1, $3}'
# echo 'BLOGGSF 2002-02-01 SOME_ACTION' | awk '$2 ~ /-01$/ {print $1, $3}'

This is so cool! Thanks to the tutorials “SKIP grep, use AWK” and the follow-up tutorials starting here…

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